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Paryavaran Club : Haritaangan

Think Sustainability, Make a Change!

At the Haritaangan Stall, demonstrating our students’ passion and commitment towards nurturing our unique planet and the beings that inhabit it, our Eco Warriors of the Paryavaran Club will focus on creating awareness about the 17 SDGs. Emphasising the importance of sustainable living, sustainable practices and habits to make our planet green and clean, our students have planned a gamut of fun games and activities. The Eco Boutique – our in house eco store would be selling things made by our Shri Ansh, with all proceeds of the sale going towards supporting the Zero Hunger SDG. Other highlights of the Haritaangan Stall are:
• E-Waste Collection drive for all waste electronic items that can be recycled.
• Used tetra packs, which will be further taken for recycling at specialized centres.
• A DIY corner for the parents to create ‘Wealth out of Waste’ using recyclable resources like old glass and plastic bottles, t-shirts, tetra packs, aluminium cans etc.

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