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Step into the vibrant world of Mad About, an annual spectacle that unites TSMS in a celebration of knowledge, creativity and community. This series unfolds each year with a new theme, inspiring a captivating fair that explores various subtopics related to the chosen theme. 
Mad About isn't just an event; it's an immersive journey. Every year, our carefully curated theme becomes the canvas for our creativity. From the wonders of science and health to the tapestry of art and culture, Mad About reveals a diverse range of subtopics, creating an enriching experience for students, parents, and educators.
Prepare to be captivated as our school transforms into a vibrant showcase of creativity and talent, channeling every individual’s inspiration into exhibits, interactive displays, and engaging performances.
Mad About transcends traditional learning boundaries, connecting education with the real world. By delving into diverse topics, students not only gain knowledge but also develop a holistic understanding of the theme.The fair encourages critical thinking, problem-solving, and a passion for lifelong learning. 
But Mad About is more than just a fair, it is a testament to the strength of our schools’ three-way handshake; between the Shri Shikshaks- the teachers, the Shri Mitr- the parents, and the Shri Ansh, us students. 

As we embark on another thrilling edition, Mad about Music, we welcome you to join us in the spirit of Shri! Celebrating the language which doesn’t need words, connecting souls and hearts!
Get ready to be madly fascinated, madly inspired, and madly in immersed!  
Mad About – where learning comes to life!
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Concert Crowd


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