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Form VI will embark on a musical adventure that will take us through time and cultures. Today, we're diving into the world of Sufi and Bhakti music, and the exciting fusion music of present times. Let's explore why these melodies are so special and how one can be a part of it! 

Sufi music is like a mystical journey, where the notes and words transport you to a world of love and spirituality. Similarly, Bhakti music celebrates devotion and joy through melodious tunes. Both of these traditions are like a treasure chest of emotions and stories. 

In Sufi music, we have the flute, which sounds like a soulful breeze, the tabla, which adds rhythm like a heartbeat, and the Sufi dervishes, twirling around like enchanting figures.  

In Bhakti music, we meet the sitar, which paints intricate musical pictures, the harmonium, whose harmonies are like musical rainbows, and the Dholak, whose rhythmic beats drive the music's lively energy. We also have The Damru, a fascinating musical instrument that looks like a tiny drum with a twist. When played, it makes a magical sound that's like the heartbeat of music. 

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