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Shri Pratibimb

Our school cafeteria will turn into a multihued palette with the boundless creativity displayed through the art works of our children, created as part of the school’s Art 1st Programme. Take a walk through Shri Pratibimb and soak in the brilliance of the children’s imagination at display.

Rang Manch

The stage will be set to showcase vibrant performances by children, folk artists and parents - replete with song, dance and music that are sure to enthrall
the audience.


Shri Haat

The artists and artisans will set up shop to demonstrate their craftsmanship through diverse art and craft forms such as kite making, bangle making,
toys made with paper, basket weavers, pottery making, papier mache and much more.

Khaan-Paan Choupal

We invite you to experience a culinary extravaganza of a variety of mouthwatering dishes and cuisine at our food stalls that will be a live example of creativity in food. Sure to tantalize your taste buds, be ready to savour delicious and wholesome food ranging from modern to traditional.



Creativity in games on the beat of music will come alive in this arena with a display and demonstration of varied games.



Explore the world of books! An array of different genres to thrill any avid reader awaits you at our Book Exhibition. Make sure to take the time to browse
through the rows of books on display.


Other Attractions

In addition, enjoy the Kathputli show and come face to face with the authentic, though long forgotten Bioscope, at the event. We are also, joined by NGOs such as Tender Hearts, SETU Foundation and others, that will enrich the all-round experience.

Shri Sargam

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